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GTD Series

Heavy-duty trench drains.


End view of drain body at outlet. Note gravel strainer over outlet opening. Tapped outlet connection illustrated.

Side view of drain body. Broken lines indicate position of spigot outlet, either straight or 90° elbow. Bottom of drain pitches 1/4" per foot toward outlet. One outlet every 12 feet is standard.

Model Tapped or Spigot Outlet A (in.) B (in.) C (in.) D (in.) E (in.) F (in.) Length per Section Pattern* Shipping Weight
GTD-10 2", 3" or 4" Customer Specification 5 Dimension "B" plus 1/4" per ft. of Dimension "A" 6.5" on 90° elbow spigot 5.5" on short spigot; 11.5" on long spigot 7.75 2'0" 3/8" x 3" slots, or 3/8" and larger circular openings, or nonskid diamond pattern treadplate Varies from 25 to 40lb. per ft. depending on length of drain and type of grates
GTD-20 2", 3" or 4" 5 12.5 2'0"

*Any combination of these patterns may be ordered in a single drain.
IMPORTANT: Specify type and pattern of cover grates and desired outlet. Also specify number of outlets required.

Job Specification: Drains shall be Rockford Trench Drains, as manufactured by Rockford Sanitary Systems, Inc., Rockford, Illinois, and as noted on plans.

Drain Specifications: Furnish ______Rockford Model GTD-______ Trench Drains of all-welded 1/4" high-strength, Cor-Ten® steel. Body to be of one-piece construction ______' ______" long with ______" (specify 2", 3", or 4" tapped or spigot) outlet connection with loose-set gravel strainer. Easily removable, 2-foot sectional cover grates made of Cor-Ten® steel with 3/8" X 3" slots. Anchor flange. OPEX® Shop Coat coating inside, bituminous coating outside.

Optional Features: Sanitary stainless steel body, stainless steel grates, additional outlets, diamond treadplate, 1/4" or 3/8" circular openings in grate, tamper-proof grates, flashing clamping ring.

• Specify outlets required, length of run, trench size.


Interior or exterior medium-duty off-the-floor drainage for use in:

  • aircraft hangars
  • auto and truck garages
  • auto service stations
  • building entrances
  • driveway ramps
  • dry cleaning plants
  • exhibition halls
  • industrial floor drainage
  • institutional kitchens
  • laboratories
  • laundries
  • loading docks
  • packing houses
  • refineries
  • other installations requiring perimeter drainage