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Grease Recovery

Grease Recovery Units

Rockford Separators model R-AGRU (Auto Grease Recovery Unit) grease interceptors are designed to intercept and remove large quantities of fats, oils, and grease commonly known as “fog”. This fog discharged from food service facilities and large commercial/ institutional kitchens interferes with proper drainage and treatment of wastewater. Rockford’s R-AGRU grease interceptors range in size from the small 20 gpm unit for installation near the kitchen sink to the large high volume units that are located outside of the kitchen area (larger units are available upon request).


With Rockford’s simple design there are no moving parts to create maintenance issues allowing for trouble-free operation. R-AGRU interceptors are designed to sit on the floor, in a vault, or on the floor below. Grease enters the inlet and is directed through the solids strainer basket removing the solids before the flow is directed into the separation and retention chamber of the interceptor. The grease is retained in the retention chamber until the timer control initiates the draw-off cycle to begin, which is typically done in the off-hours. The heater is activated and, when the unit reaches temperature (approximately 130 degrees), the draw-off valve will open to allow the liquefied grease to flow into the provided grease collection box, from which it can be properly disposed.


R-AGRU grease interceptors are constructed of all 304 stainless steel and are tig welded for exceptional quality. Standard units are furnished with a two-segment, airtight, gasketed cover, with hinged solids basket access cover, secured with stainless toggle clamps.


When individual problems or large projects require special applications, the assistance of our engineering department is recommended.