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R-AGRU Series

Automatic grease recovery unit.

Model Intermittent
Flow GPM
Threaded Inlet
and Outlet
Greasy Sludge
Top to Center of
Inlet & Outlet
B (in.)
Bottom to Center of
Inlet and Outlet
R-AGRU-20 20 2 40 4.5 10 18 30 14.5
R-AGRU-25 25 3 50 4.0 10.5 18 30 14.5
R-AGRU-35 35 4 70 4.5 12.5 18 36 17
R-AGRU-50 50 4 100 4.5 17 18 36 17
R-AGRU-75 75 4 150 4.5 17 24 42 21.5
R-AGRU-100 100 4 200 4.5 17 24 42 21.5


Job Specification: Automated Grease Recovery Units shall be Rockford Separators as manufactured by Rockford Sanitary Systems, Inc., Rockford, Illinois, and as noted on plans.

Separator Specifications: Furnish ____Rockford Model R-AGRU-____ constructed of 304 stainless steel, all TIG welded, hydrostatically tested and polished to a 2B finish and inspected to be free from defects. Unit is rated for ____ g.p.m. intermittent flow, and ____ lb. of grease retention capacity with 4.00” threaded inlet and outlet connections. All components are also constructed of 304 stainless steel including the internal parts, gasketed cover, internal strainer basket, and electronics control housing box. Grease removal shall be preformed by a 7 day multi-event capable timer controlling an electric draw-off valve and a thermostatically controlled heating element. The free floating grease shall be removed automatically as required per application to a collection box for proper disposal or recycling. Unit is regularly supplied with threaded flow control fitting. Please note that disconnect and wiring to the unit are supplied by others.

Electrical Requirements: 120 volt, 15 amp. The unit should be connected to an electrical circuit controlled by a ground fault circuit breaker. Consult your local code for proper instulation.

Optional Feature: Integral grease containment drawer with level- and presence-sensing.

Specify at time of order Left to Right or Right to Left flow while facing control panel.