With separation as its sole business, Rockford Separators has supplied quality separation systems to the plumbing industry for over 50 years.

More than 35 varieties in over 600 available sizes are engineered and custom-built in the USA for job-site specific applications and installed wherever separation systems are required. These include industrial plants, office buildings, multi-unit apartments, restaurants, food-processing plants, laundromats, health centers, retail and service centers.

Rockford Separators are used in separating and retaining numerous wastes: grease, oil, fuel, fats, lint, hair, soap residue, food solids, chemicals, sediment, solid waste, sand, gravel, sludge, plaster, precious metals, glass chips and grindings, fibrous materials, metal chips, and waxes.

Architects, engineers, building officials, health agencies, plumbing contractors, and other specifiers have come to rely on Rockford for the utmost in quality, precision engineering and quick turnaround time.

The principle behind a Rockford Separator follows nature’s own law of gravity in separating lighter-than-water waste matter from heavier-than-water waste, retaining both in the separator. Clogged drain lines are virtually eliminated due to the unique, yet simple design incorporated into Rockford Separators: there is no straight in-and-out travel of waste water from the inlet to the outlet; instead, separator screens and a removable filter screen prevent grease, oil, and other wastes from entering the sewage system.