Grease separators shall be Rockford Separators as manufactured by Rockford Separators, Inc., Rockford, Illinois, and as noted on plans.


Furnish ______Rockford Model G-______-C all-welded steel separators for inside cabinet installation, 4 g.p.m. intermittent flow, 1-1/2″ tapped inlet and outlet, 6lb. greasy sludge capacity, visible double-wall outside trap seal, easily removable separator screen and filter screen, gasketed cover hand-tightened to body with safety-catch bolt assemblies, enamel coating inside and outside.


Epoxy coated. All stainless steel.

6” Bolt On Extensions Available!

Our Stainless Steel units offer users a simple and economical solution to add an extension to units that are buried below ground. Our extension units are pre-fabricated in standard 6” increments so there’s no measuring or cutting required for installation. Because of the inherent strength of steel, our extension units are much more reliable at ground level, which is the primary location where damage can occur. The design also gives you 100% accessibility for cleaning and maintenance.


These are designed to fit into the small space of complete kitchen units, including compact sink-range-refrigerator combinations.
Model Intermittent Flow GPM Tapped Inlet and Outlet (in.) Static Holding Capacity (gal.) Greasy Sludge Capacity (lb.) Bottom to Center of Inlet B (in.) Bottom to Center of Outlet C (in.) Width D (in.) Length E (in.) Height F (in.) Side to Inlet G (in.) Inlet to Outlet H (in.) Side to Outlet I (in.) Shipping Weight (lb.) PDF Specification Drawing CAD Specification Drawing
G-100-C 4 1.5 1.7 7 5.5 7.5 13 9.75 9 1.5 2.88 4.63 28
G-200-C 4 1.5 1,7 7 3 5.5 6.75 9.75 9 4.63 - 4.63 24
G-300-C 4 1.5 1.7 7 5.5 7.5 13 9.75 9 1.5 2.88 4.63 28