General Information

Rockford Separator catch basins utilize a heavier-than-water gravity system to prevent sediment and foreign waste from entering and damaging a drainage system.


Water travels into the inlet and collects in the basin’s holding reservoir, where the wastewater flow is regulated and slowed down. Slowing the flow of water allows heavier-than-water sediment and waste to sink to the bottom where it is collected in the basin. Once the wastewater fills the basin to the outlet, wastewater that is free of sediment and debris safely flows into the drainage system.


Rockford Separator catch basins are built using an all-welded steel construction for maximum durability and strength. They feature an OPEX shop coat coating inside and a bituminous coating outside. They are delivered with either a 3/8 tread plate steel cover (RSS Series) or slotted grate for flush-with-floor installation (RCB Series).

When to clean the RCB and RSS Catch Basins

Always clean the catch basin before the sediment and debris reach the outlet of the holding tank. Failing to clean the catch basin before this, will allow sediment and debris to drain into your drainage system, which may cause damage or clog it. Cleaning is indicated when you notice a gradual slowing of floor drainage.

How To Clean the Catch Basin

  1. Remove the inlet grate or tread plate cover.
  2. Scoop out the sediment and sludge from the bottom of the unit.
  3. Check the sealing gasket and replace if it no longer provides a tight seal.
  4. Align the inlet grate or tread plate cover and tighten down with provided flathead screws.