Rockford Separators is known for delivering the reliable grease interceptors more local Boston commercial establishments are looking for. We have been providing the grease interceptors that are unmatched in quality and at prices, our customers appreciate. Our grease interceptors provide exceptional reliability when you need to slow down the flow of hot greasy water to allow the separation of harmful clogging agents from entering the sewer system. Rockford Separators is committed to quality and to complete customer satisfaction every time.
Personalized service is what sets Rockford Separators apart from the competition. We take the time to understand our Boston customers’ needs and provide the custom grease interceptor to complete your job according to your specifications. Boston is the historic capital of Massachusetts and a global city, with a bustling population of more than 620,000. For the best customer service and the most dependable grease interceptor, your first call needs to be to Rockford Separators.
Rockford Separators is committed to the Boston business community to provide the grease interceptors they can count on. Our communities depend on reliable grease interceptors to keep harmful substances from blocking sewer pipes and causing health hazards. Best of all, our grease interceptors have a proven track record of reliability that makes for an excellent return on investment. Do not put off investing in a new grease interceptor for your Boston commercial property. The contractor you need for the best results is Rockford Separators.
Boston Grease Interceptor

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