Calling Rockford Separators takes all the guesswork of finding the commercial grease interceptor that is right for your Cleveland business. We are well known for having the grease and oil separation equipment you need and experience to get the job done right. Whether you need to replace a used grease interceptor or need a customized oil interceptor for a new build, we have the interceptor that installs quickly and efficiently under or near a dishwasher or pre-washing sink. Rockford Separators is the industry leader for grease interceptor parts and products.
Personalized service is what sets Rockford Separators apart. We take the time to understand the needs of our Cleveland customers and provide the high-quality grease interceptor that will complete your job according to your specifications. Known as the “Forest City,” among other nicknames, Cleveland is a major manufacturing and commercial area with nearly 400,000 residents in the center of the metro statistical area, and it also serves as the county seat. For a commercial grease interceptor delivered to your Cleveland business, call Rockford Separators.
When it comes to maintaining your business or industrial equipment, it is always best to choose the professionals of Rockford Separators. We are the trusted commercial grease interceptor provider you can depend on to provide excellent results. Our team delivers the grease interceptor you need to prevent grease-laden wastewater from entering Cleveland’s sanitary sewer systems. Our quality grease interceptors keep things flowing smoothly and up to environmental standards. Call Rockford Separators today to get a free quote on high-quality, new grease interceptors.
Cleveland Grease Interceptor

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