At Rockford Separators, we strive to create long-term relationships with our customers and provide the sand interceptor that keeps your Detroit business compliant with local, federal, and environmental regulations. We think that is the intelligent approach for both your business and the environment. Whether your sand interceptor needs are large or small or involve new construction, remodeling, or renovation, we bring a customer-focused approach to delivering precisely what you need.
Large and small companies in the Detroit area have long relied on the excellent sand interceptor resources of Rockford Separators when they need to keep plumbing systems and waterways protected from harmful contaminants. Located on the US-Canada border, the city of Detroit, with more than 640,000 residents, is well known for its diverse culture and its contribution to both the automotive and music industries. With a drive for excellence to provide the sand interceptors more Detroit customers depend on, Rockford Separators is the name that lives up to its reputation for dependability, quality, and value when you need a sand interceptor.
Rockford Separators is the most trusted source for a commercial sand interceptor for Detroit’s small or large businesses. Rockford Separators is who to contact when you require a commercial sand interceptor with rugged durability to efficiently slow down wastewater flow and keep sand from flowing into a sanitary sewer system. No matter the size or scope of your sand interceptor need, we have the sand interceptor you need in one place and just one call away! Rockford Separators takes the hassle out of finding a sand interceptor in Detroit.
Detroit Sand Interceptor

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