At Rockford Separators, we strive to create long-term relationships with our preferred Indianapolis customers and provide the sand interceptor that keeps your restaurant or business compliant with local regulations. We think that is the smart approach for your business and the environment. The best choice for sand interceptor equipment and a commitment to the environmental sustainability of Indianapolis is choosing Rockford Separators!
Whether your sand interceptor needs are large or small or involve new construction, remodeling, or renovation, we bring a customer-focused approach to delivering precisely what you need for a perfect fit and providing high-quality results for your Indianapolis business. Colloquially known as “Indy,” the state capital and most populous city of Indiana, in Indianapolis with nearly 1 million residents. Contact Rockford Separators today to find your perfect sand interceptor equipment.
At Rockford Separators, we know that finding the sand interceptor designed to prevent sand and solids from entering wastewater treatment facilities can be overwhelming. The wrong choice can have devastating consequences. Our sand interceptors are built to work to perfection on your commercial drains and dishwasher drainage to ensure you have the most success when you need a sand interceptor. One call to Rockford Separators today is all you need!
Indianapolis Sand Interceptor

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