Rockford Separators offers comprehensive sand interceptor equipment that delivers excellence from start to finish. When you need assistance with a new sand interceptor, Rockford Separators can help. We are the full-service commercial plumbing contractor and interceptor manufacturer specializing in helping our customers find the sand interceptor equipment for your new or revamped Manhattan business. When it comes to choosing a sand interceptor supplier that holds to EPA and all other standards, Rockford Separators is clearly the #1 option.
Providing access to the sand interceptor you need is one way Rockford Separators strives to improve the development of Manhattan to sustain a successful business climate. Geographically the smallest of the five boroughs of New York City, Manhattan is also the most densely populated, with more than 1.6 million residents, and a daily influx of commuters drives that density up to nearly 3.9 million. Our experience means we are the one to trust when your Manhattan business is in need of new sand interceptor equipment at prices you will appreciate.
Whether you have a small or large business, when you need a commercial sand interceptor with rugged durability to efficiently slow down the flow of wastewater and keep sand from flowing into a sanitary sewer system, Rockford Separators is who to contact. No matter the size or scope of your sand interceptor, we have the sand interceptor you need in one place and just one call away! Rockford Separators takes the hassle out of finding a sand interceptor in Manhattan.
Manhattan Sand Interceptor

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