Rockford Separators is committed to the San Antonio business community to provide the grease interceptors they can count on. Our grease interceptor products are specifically designed and manufactured to offer better operational solutions for grease management in the modern food service facilities they serve. The team at Rockford Separators delivers the grease interceptor you need to keep grease-laden wastewater from entering into sanitary sewer systems.
Let Rockford Separators take the hassle out of ensuring your San Antonio facility complies when you contact us for a new grease interceptor. Primarily located in Bexar County, TX, the metro area commonly called Greater San Antonio has a growing population of more than 2.4 million diverse residents. When you need a grease interceptor that meets the highest industry standards with the latest technology, choose Rockford Separators to deliver excellent results!
Our customers depend on grease interceptors to keep harmful substances from blocking sewer pipes and causing health hazards. Don’t put off investing in a grease interceptor any longer. Personalized service is what sets Rockford Separators apart, and we take the time to understand our San Antonio customers’ needs and provide the grease interceptor to complete your job according to your specifications. For the best results, contact Rockford Separators.
San Antonio Grease Interceptor

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