Rockford Separators is the industry leader for custom grease interceptor parts and products. We are well known for having the equipment you need and experience to get the job done right. Whether you need to replace a grease interceptor or a custom grease interceptor for a new build, we have the interceptor that installs quickly and efficiently under or near a dishwasher or pre-washing sink. Calling Rockford Separators takes all the guesswork of finding the custom grease interceptor that is right for your Savannah business.
When you need a custom grease interceptor near Savannah, you need the services of Rockford Separators. Consistently named one of the “world’s friendliest cities,” the coastal town of Savannah has a world-class reputation for hospitality and grace. Historic and hip, Savannah’s neighborhoods are full of character and home to almost 148,000 residents. Personalized service is what sets Rockford Separators apart. We take the time to understand our Savannah customers’ needs and provide the custom grease interceptor to complete their job.
Rockford Separators is committed to the Savannah business community to provide the custom grease interceptors they can count on. Our communities depend on custom grease interceptors to prevent harmful substances from blocking sewer pipes and causing health hazards. Best of all, our custom grease interceptors have a track record of reliability that makes for an excellent return on investment. Do not put off investing in a custom grease interceptor for your Savannah property today. The contractor you need for the best results is Rockford Separators.
Savannah Custom Grease Interceptor

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