At Rockford Separators, we are fascinated with excellence, and excellence is what you can expect from the custom grease interceptor and commercial equipment we supply. All businesses that discharge wastewater must have a trade waste permit issued by their local water authority. Let Rockford Separators help keep you compliant with the use of custom grease interceptors and premium oil separators. The future may be unpredictable, but the quality of the custom grease interceptor equipment you receive from us should not be.
Business owners near Seattle deserve and expect exceptional custom grease interceptor and oil separating solutions when they contact Rockford Separators. Seattle is the county seat for King County, WA, with more than 705,000 residents. Seattle earned the nickname ‘Emerald City,’ whose motto reads, “The City of Goodwill.” We have a custom grease interceptor that provides ultimate protection to our clients. Take a look at our separator and custom grease interceptor equipment and contact Rockford Separators today if you have any questions.
Our Seattle customers expect quality, reliability, and satisfaction when they need a custom grease interceptor. That is why they call Rockford Separators. Our business grows by our commitment to providing customers with the service and products they need. Removing wastewater oils and grease is critical for the protection of the environment. Since different industries have different levels of oils in their wastewater, it is essential to choose the custom grease interceptor for your needs. Call Rockford Separators to find the custom grease interceptor that is right for you.
Seattle Custom Grease Interceptor

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