Rockford Separators is committed to the Syracuse business community to provide the custom grease interceptors your commercial business can count on. Our custom grease interceptor products are specifically designed and manufactured to offer better operational solutions for grease management in the modern food service and commercial facilities they serve. The team at Rockford Separators delivers the custom grease interceptor you need to keep grease-laden wastewater from entering sanitary sewer systems.
For 50 years, Rockford Separators has been the number one choice when Syracuse businesses need a custom grease interceptor. Syracuse is named after the classical Greek city ‘Siracusa’ and has a population of over 660,000 in its metropolitan area. Syracuse is a nonstop city with plenty of attractions and boasts the largest airport in the region. Rockford Separators is proud to partner with the businesses of Syracuse for all their custom grease interceptor needs.
Rockford Separators offers a variety of custom grease interceptors ranging in size from one gallon to five hundred gallons to help keep your Syracuse business running as smoothly as possible. Our communities depend on custom grease interceptors to prevent harmful substances from blocking sewer pipes and causing health hazards. Best of all, our custom grease interceptors have a track record of reliability that makes for an excellent return on investment. For quality you can depend on us! In Syracuse, the name to trust is Rockford Separators.
Syracuse Custom Grease Interceptor

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